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Losekoot Printers can print two to six part carbonless forms, in pad form or stapled. Whatever your needs may be, however special or unique, thanks to our skilled team and advanced printers, we can produce the best carbonless solution. Call us on +31 294 416 485 for some examples of what we can do for you.

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What’s your problem?

‘Wait a moment, I’ll just make a copy of the order!’ Wouldn’t it have been much easier if the copy had already been made when taking the order? Not only would it save time, your client would immediately have a copy as well. In some cases you may even need two or more copies. No problem – our carbonless order forms are the solution.

And, what about storage? Do you need to keep all the forms together?  Wouldn’t it be handier to have them all together, in one carbonless pad. In some cases, a glued pad is easier to use, in others, stapling provides a more durable solution. If you need to store the forms in a binder, then we’ll perforate them for you. If they need to be numbered for easy admin, we’ll print the consecutive numbering; for tracking and tracing we’ll print bar-codes. Whatever your needs, we’ll print the right solution!

Don’t wait, call us on +31 294 416 485 for our brochure with examples to inspire the design of your carbonless order forms.

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